World Record Set In Bloordale


20 players, 36 hours and a bunch of balls. PHOTO COURTESY Michelle Yee

20 dodge-ball fanatics took to a local Bloordale Sport’s Club to set a new world record and raise some money for charity.

“We did it to raise money for the Stephen Lewis Foundation and we were able to raise over $6,000,” said 30-year-old Bloordale resident Helder Brum: the mastermind behind the event.

The game started on Friday, January 7th at Just4Fun Sporting Club (213 Sterling Road) and finished 36 hours later on Sunday, January 9th, topping the previous 31-hour mark set by a group of players from Albany, New York.

Brum said going for the record wasn’t as easy as just playing the game, as Guinness had a set list of requirements for the record to qualify.

“We had to have ten players on each team – six on, four off,” said Brum, the Bloordale resident. “We had to take our breaks strategically.”

Guinness allowed a five minute break for every hour a player played. But as co-ordinator and participant Nicole Stamp said, these weren’t your typical breaks.

“You couldn’t sleep, you had had to appear awake for the camera,” said Stamp.

“It was challenging because all you wanted to do on break was to sit and be still, but instead we were up and moving around.”

Stamp said the game started very intense, “like normal,” but at about the five hour mark thing got a little sloppy and the minor injuries started to mount. Players experienced blisters, head aches and sore joints throughout, but that did not stop the will power this group possessed.

“There was no question of stopping,” said Stamp.

During the final hours, early Sunday morning, Stamp said there was a resurge of energy. Players were throwing with force, making catches and playing good, clean dodge- ball. Stamp describes her play Sunday morning as “some of the best dodge-ball [she’s] ever played.”

Now Brum, Stamp and the 18 other participants wait for the official recognition from Guinness. Brum explains it as a long procedure of processing documents. Although it’s not in the books yet, the record has raised eyebrows across North America. American network, CNN documented the event and several news stories have hit the stands south of the border extending all the way to Texas and Brum couldn’t be any happier.

“I’m shocked there was so much coverage on the event, it’s definitely really cool.”


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