Sterling Rd. Developments

04/26/11 – By Bennard Bonai

The proposed plans. COURTESY PHOTO

Community reaction to the proposed redevelopment of 158 Sterling Rd. appears positive, its developer says.

More than 60 people turned out at the Church of the Firstborn on April 20 to hear about the progress made in the planned transformation of a factory built in 1919 to house an aluminum company into a community.

The developer Castlepoint proposes to demolish parts of the existing factory on the four hectare site it purchased in 2008 and add to the area residential homes, recreational centres, park land, movie studios, business offices and access for public transportation.

The main focus of the project is to be green friendly, Castlepoint partner Alfredo Romano.

There has been some contamination of the soil in the area and the developer has so far replaced about 25,000 tonnes of soil with clean fill. They’re about half way through the clean up being done by mining company Rio Tinto Alcan.

“We still have six months of remediation work,” Romano says.

He says the project will cost over $1 billion dollars to construct and is estimated to create 3,000 jobs within the community.

Since proposing the project, the developer has held seven community meetings seeking feedback and input from residents about how the company can better the neighborhood.

Romano says the first step for this project is making an application for the city next month about the construction on the site.

He says reaction from the community has been positive.

“I love the project, I love the heritage of the community,” Romano says.

“I’ve really come to like the neighborhood. I think they got a big future, so we’re here to make sure that it happens. If I didn’t believe in it then I wouldn’t be here standing up saying the types of things I said,” he says.

“I have to believe in it, I have no choice I actually put my money where my mouth is,” Romano says. “My primarily
objective is to start it. I know once we start it will get momentum very quickly.”

Area resident Kamryn Edwards says he can’t wait for this project to be completed.

“This project is an innovative idea,” Edwards says. “The community has been lacklustre, but this project will help the community a lot and also give out more jobs for people in the community.”

The project’s completion is expected by the end of 2012.

There are more community meetings expected in the next few months.

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