Messy Results in Community Cleanup

04/17/10 — By UWAIS MOTALA

The total garbage collected at the cleanup. PHOTO By GURPREET GHAG

Nearly 30 small children laughed, cried and played in a slightly littered park on April 10, the day of the Dufferin Grove community cleanup.

Those who participated in the litter collection at Dufferin Grove Park had little support from locals. Most were parents who stood around keeping an eye on their kids at the park playground, while the coordinators of the event, Cameron Drew and Rebecca Ross were among the half-dozen participants along with a local reporter and photographer who got involved.

Because of park maintenance staff lay-offs, Drew said the cleanup is important to the safety of the children who play in the park.

“Kids don’t need to play in it (garbage), every time I come to the park I pick up garbage,” said Drew, “People expect others to do it.”

Drew was disappointed with the lack of helping hands, but said that the weather and the minimal notice regarding the cleanup was probably why the turnout was so small.

Drew and his partner Ross brought their two young children to play and help a little as well.

“Everybody uses the park. They should want it to be clean,” said Ross.

Ross said there’s a real community around it and the point of the cleanup is to make the park more beautiful.

After the first cleanup, the students of Bishop Marrocco School have signed up to help maintain the cleanliness of the grounds. For more information

about park cleanups or how you can help, call Dufferin Grove at (416)-392-0913 or simply pick up a garbage bag and get picking.


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