The Bloordale Press is a monthly hyper-local community newspaper running out of Bloordale Village. Its coverage area for stories and distribution is all of Ward 18 (Lansdowne to Dufferin, North to Dupont, South to College) with ties to its neighbouring areas. We focus on the stories that mean something to the identity of this beautiful community and that otherwise may not be heard.

  • Boundaries

Below are our boundaries. They are basically all of Ward 18. Although it defines where exactly our home is, it does not mean that stories from outside those lines will be excluded.

  • Current Staff

Editor in Chief: Justin Millerson

Copy Editors: Rob Lamberti, Kevin C. Smith, Gopi Bezzala

Advertising Sales: Justin Millerson

Contributors: Amber Daugherty, Kate McCullough, Khristopher Reardon, Kevin Putnam, Melissa Millerson, Mary B. Valencia


  • Contact

502-135 Marlee Avenue
Toronto, Ontario
M6B 4C6

general inquiries: (647) 961-4516
advertising inquiries: (647) 961-4516


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