Who is Wayne Scott? (federal candidates)

04/26/11 – By MATT LOPES

The Green Party's Wayne Scott in action at the all-candidates meeting on April, 20th. PHOTO By GURPREET GHAG

Wayne Scott, in his last run at MP, fears a Tory majority.
The 25-year resident of the Davenport community has taken on the Green banner in a bid to the stop the Conservatives.

Scott is running with a platform that is based on, but in no way limited to, environmental accountability.

He says it’s time to resolve transportation issues in Toronto, and believes it is still the biggest issue in the city.

“We just saw a long municipal election in this city and the big issue from beginning to end was transportation,” Scott says. “Everyone has a different opinion and it’s one of the most divisive issues in our city, but if we can solve that, we can solve a lot of things.

“It affects our economy, and it affects our environment,” he says

Scott believes one of the biggest problems with the city’s transportation is deeply rooted in the auto industry.

“Ontario is still based on the auto industry, we keep bailing them out and they keep making the big metal that ends up crowding our city streets,” Scott says. “We need a national urban transportation strategy that’s more sustainable and makes more sense.

“There are way too many highway capable vehicles being used as a first mode of transportation,” he says.

Davenport riding voters have elected a Liberal candidate since 1958, one of the most consistent political streaks in the country.

Scott says he is definitely seeing more and more people, especially young voters in Davenport, showing an interest in sustainability, and showing support for the Green Party.

“You can really see it in the younger people who are continually gravitating towards that political outlook.” he says. “Let’s look to the future, this is what we have to do, we have to fix the problems we created for ourselves in the past.”

It is unlikely Davenport will become Conservative this election, but when the ballots are counted and it’s all said and done, Scott feels a Harper majority is the worst possible outcome.

“I would do anything legal and anything ethical to make sure Harper doesn’t get to wrap his hands around the throat of this country,” Scott says.


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