Who is Simon Luisi? (federal candidates)


Simon Luisi during the all-candidates meeting on April, 20th. PHOTO By GURPREET GHAG

Simon Luisi of the Animal Alliance Environmental Vote is hoping his second run at the federal riding of Davenport will be more successful than in 1998.

Lusis says his party is “more of a lobbying group that jumped into politics.”

“We weren’t able to advertise as much as we would like to during elections, so we became a party,” he says.

While the party’s platform does not have any direct local issues tied to it, Luisi believes there should be a voice in Ottawa that speaks specifically for the environment and the animals that live in it.

“Our party stands for just and equitable human progress that respect, protect and enhance both the environment for which we all depend and with the animals with who we all share our world with,” he says.

After receiving just 0.26 percent of the vote in the 1998 election, Luisi joined the Green Party where he was an agent for a couple of candidates and the Chief Financial Officer for the Parkdale-High Park riding.

Luisi also works with F.L.A.P. (the Fatal Light Awareness Program) where he collects data on bird collisions and deaths.

Since 2002, he’s been working with the Peaceful Parks Coalition, where he trying to save cormorants that are “being killed by the thousands at Point Peele National Park by the government.”

If voted in, Luisi says his party will do whatever it takes to stop injustices to greenery and wildlife.

“When you vote for another party, you don’t know what it is you vote for,” he says. “You may vote for one side of the platform or the other, where as when you vote for mine it is pretty straight forward message — to help the environment and the animals.”

For more information regarding Simon or his party, visit http://environmentalvoters.org<http://environmentalvoters.org/>.


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