Who is Nha Le?

06/01/10 – By GURPREET GHAG

Ward 18 candidate Nha Le at the all candidates meeting. PHOTO By GURPREET GHAG

“Don’t look at the past,” says Nha Le, “look to the future.”

This is the philosophy that the Ward 18 council candidate runs his platform on.

That means that Le is not looking at his two previous, failed runs at the position, nor the mistakes he says that the resigning rep. Adam Giambrone has made.

“He was very young,” says Le of Giambrone, insisting that even though it was a great feat for a man of such an age to take win over such a responsibility, some of the decisions that he made could have used the expertise of someone with more life experience.

One of the decisions Le shows resentment towards is the reconstruction of Lansdowne Avenue south of Bloor Street.

The project, which saw a lane of parking taken out, the sidewalk and driving lanes widened and a row of trees put in, is “good for cars, (but) not for the neighborhood,” says Le.

Le claims that the parking that was taken out has made life less convenient for some residents, while the clearer view for drivers has made them drive faster- making it impossible for residents to cross the street whenever and wherever they feel like.

One of the ideas that Le strongly supports is the taking out of some of the trees to be replaced by the vanished parking spots.

Also part of his platform, Le wants more sports activities to take place in the Ward. Le feels that this move will help secure the growth of the art scene and the businesses in the area by attracting youthful residents.

Le, who is now 51, was born in Vietnam and moved to Canada in 1983, spending time in Edmonton and Toronto’s chinatown before moving to the ward.

He then served as an adviser to MPP Tony Ruprecht after his second run at the position and now feels he is more than ready to help secure the future of the Ward.

Le finished the last election with respectively just under 3 percent of the votes.

Hopefully for him, the third time’s a charm.


One response to “Who is Nha Le?

  1. Ian Gray

    Your campaign sign is attached to the common fence of my own and my neighbour’s house at 420 and 418 Lansdowne. It must be removed immediately from the common portion of the fence and moved solely to the southern section of fence belonging to my neighbour. Thursday October 7th, 2010.

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