Who is Mario Silva? (federal candidate profile)


Mario Silva in action at the all-candidates meeting on April, 20th. PHOTO By GURPREET GHAG

Liberal candidate Mario Silva believes the government must address issues that involve Davenport’s youth and senior citizens moving forward.
That’s what he says he’ll be fighting for if he is elected on May 2nd.

“The big priority is addressing issues like jobs, seniors and the economy ­these are still the number one issues,” the incumbent says.

“People are still working part time,” the life-long resident of the riding says.”Too many seniors are having issues of affordability, that’s a very important issue. This is a big urban city and we need to be there for our seniors and our young people who need jobs. This is what I am fighting for everyday as a parliamentarian.”

Pensions and seniors ability to maintain a standard of living are recurring themes in this year’s campaign, issues Silva says hit close to home in Davenport.

“We need to get an increase for the Guaranteed Income Supplement and you need to get a government who believes in our Canadian Pension program,” he says. “This is something the Liberals brought in. And so we are advocating strongly supporting the guaranteed income supplement. This is a measure I think would help a lot of seniors in Davenport.”

If the Liberals are elected, a $700 million increase will go towards the GIS for low income seniors. In addition the Liberal government will create and offer a new program to Canadians called the Secure Retirement Option which is aimed to be completely voluntary, he says.

The option is to save five to 10 per cent of their income towards their retirement fund, a supplement that is said to be backed by the Canadian Pension Program.

To get a pension however, a job must come first.

Silva sees unemployment as a significant problem among youth in Davenport.

He says he’ll fight for a youth hiring incentive which if passed will be put in place for small-to-medium-sized businesses. This means an easing of Employment Insurance premiums for any Canadian youth they hire.

The tell-it-like-it-is parliamentarian, who has been in office since 2004, critiqued the Harper government’s corporate tax cut initiative.

“The $6 billion corporate tax cut is reckless especially when we are in a time of deficit,” he says. “I don¹t believe we should be borrowing money to pay for that record tax cut, it is not needed and it is not the right time.”

Instead the Liberals plan is to raise corporate tax rates to 2010 levels which sat at 18 percent, 1.5 percent higher than today, according to
canadabusinesstax.com. Silva believes this will free billions of dollars to benefit of Canadian families.

Silva says voters should look at the work he has done and his involvement in the community before they vote on May 2nd.

“[Voters] should vote for me because of my record commitment to the community, my long time service, the fact that I worked very hard for the people and serviced them with many issues from immigration to refugees to cultural communities,” he says. “The community knows me and knows the work I have done.”


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