Who is Kevin Beaulieu?

08/01/10 – By GURPREET GHAG

Kevin Beaulieu looks to keep the happiness afloat in Bloordale. COURTESY PHOTO.

Kevin Beaulieu moved into Bloordale just under a decade ago and says that he immediately loved the place. This admiration quickly led him to be immensely immersed in community politics.

Around the time Beaulieu arrived, he began working with newly started community group DIG IN (the Dupont improvement group improving neighbourhoods) where he was active in working towards getting the community together for efforts which include art projects and picnics.

There was something about the amount of friendliness that beemed from the community members that made him, and kept him, actively involved in the Ward.

“It’s fun to be involved with people in a community with such a diverse range of talents and cultures,” Beaulieu says.

After a few years getting to know the community and its issues, Beaulieu began working at city hall as the Constituency Assistant for current Councilor Adam Giambrone.

In this time, Kevin says he dealt directly with the ‘micro-issues’ in the neighbourhood, specifically those involving individual properties and people.

Soon thereafter, Beaulieu moved on to the executive assistant role, where he dealt more with city policies.

Co-operative and Consultative

While serving his community for almost ten years, Kevin says he has learned that while it does take a lot of work, listening to all concerns and all remedies from as many people of the community as possible, and then coming up with one solution that everyone can agree on, is the best way to go about change.

He says he will bring this same philosophy with him if elected.

A Happier Community

While canvassing for the upcoming election, Kevin says he has been pleased with how many people are happy about the way the community has come over the last few years.

“People are noticing the change,” he says. “The streets are more walkable at night and even though there is a lot of work to be done, people are optimistic.”

Kevin hopes to continue these happy thoughts through doing what he already very active in doing – being co-operative and consultative in his community.


2 responses to “Who is Kevin Beaulieu?

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  2. S Godfrey

    Kevin: so he’s worked in the community to find solutions for so many years? Then why are people at Bloor and Lansdowne and at Dundas Ossigton so damned unhappy with their service? Today it’s them, tomorrow it’s me. You either represent your ward, YOUR WHOLE WARD, or you don’t. Time for change.

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