Who is Joe MacDonald?

10/20/10 – By MATTHEW LOPES

Joe MacDonald promises to bring the community's voice to City Hall if elected. COURTESY PHOTO

With the Ward 18 candidate race drawing to a close, independent candidate Joe MacDonald stands with the goal of uniting and involving the community in all decisions.

MacDonald has lived in Ward 18 near Bloor and Dufferin since 1997 after being raised in southern Etobicoke.  “I live here, I like everything about this neighbourhood, it’s a diverse neighbourhood, and its one of the fastest changing neighbourhood’s in the city.”

MacDonald said that from campaigning door to door he is constantly being asked, “where do you live?” MacDonald said living in ward 18 gives him a better connection to the voters, as the community’s problems are his problems as well.  “People want to be talking to their neighbour, somebody who understands the problems in our community.”

Some of the Issues within MacDonald’s platform include cleaning up the parks within the community, getting paid parking back on Dufferin, making all the streets safer and cleaner, being progressive with the expansion of public transit and better managing the use of bike lanes in the ward.

MacDonald said Ward 18 has been lacking a councilor who can manage change. “Lately we haven’t had a councilor that has been in front of change, said MacDonald, “we need to get out in front and manage change not let change manage us.”

Macdonald said he is running as an independent and for that reason his interests will better reflect the interests of the voters.

“Leadership has been lacking the past 10 years, I am not backed by any political party. I am not using this election as a stepping-stone in my political career. I am a progressive voice and I am not backed by any special interests, my interests are based on what the people want,” said MacDonald.

If elected, Macdonald said he will do what is necessary to communicate with the people in the community before going off to city hall. Macdonald said the best way of doing this is organizing regular meetings in the community. “Ill bring the coffee, Ill buy the donuts, people will have the opportunity to come and I will let them know what I am doing and they can respond, said MacDonald, “its all about finding out what people want.”

Macdonald said that the people’s opinions are what he will base his actions on. “I will defend to the death quality public services,” said Macdonald. “Good government is what people really want. In order to provide good government you have to demonstrate leadership, it’s all about looking for solutions. Whether those solutions come from me or from the community.”

For more on Joe MacDonald’s campaign and platform visit his website at http://www.joemacw18.ca


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