Who is Doug Carroll?

10/12/10 – By JORDAN MAXWELL


Carroll at a recent candidate's meet. Photo by JORDAN MAXWELL.


A software developer with a passion for politics has made his descent upon the Bloordale Village and plans to wield the Ward 18 councillor crown come October 25th.

Doug Carroll made his public debut at the Ward 18 councillor debate on Oct. 6, 2010 and spoke to the Bloordale Press about his platform, his vision and what he plans to do in order to better the lives of residents living in Ward 18.

But before he talked about improvement, he noted what we got going for us already.

“The city of Toronto is not in a crisis.  We don’t have a whole lot by which we have to fix right now.  We don’t need to do anything dramatic or radical in terms of reforming the community and our entire society,” said Carroll.

He also added that “Toronto is one of the best cities in the entire planet to live in.  It’s one of the safest cities in the world; it’s one of the safest in Canada.  It’s the richest and most interesting places to live.”

Now that that is out of the way, let’s get to what Carroll wants to improve.

The councillor debate brought many of the concerns from residents to the forefront of the issues table, one of which, shone light on Carroll’s view on strip clubs and its associated crime.

“Sometimes you cannot demonstrate that a particular entity is immoral and the opinion about what is and what isn’t immoral because it’s constantly changing over time,” said Carroll.

Carroll submitted examples like the way we dress and effect of the media as ways of justification to this idea.

Instead of focusing on what cannot be removed by legal means, Carroll believes that there are more important issues on the forefront, like development.

“Development, which is filled with constant pressure but also opportunity, is desirable to the people of the community,” said Carroll, “and we have to have a close relationship between the people and the councillors so that wishes of residents are as transparent and smooth as possible.”

“Whenever there’s a low density environment, it’s a desire by developers to increase density and to benefit from the surrounding quality of the neighbourhood.  We have to make sure that it fits the neighbourhood.  We have to have a model that invites developers instead of just responding to developers,” added Carroll.

Response time is also another issue that he pinned to police and crime.  Carroll said that more bike patrol cops and quicker response times to incidents may be the answer to reducing crime in Bloordale.

Carroll said that it’s all about quality governance.  When it comes to traffic management, he says that the Transit City project is important.

“Given the increase in the density of traffic, it has become unavoidable that we will go to towards supporting transit infrastructure,” said Carroll.

He also mentioned that cost of construction is too much for the city and blamed the province for not doing their part while shifting the blame off of city councillors for not doing enough.

“The decision to cut the transit city funding was done by the province and it’s not in the control of the councillor to make the province give us the money, but I wish that it was.”


2 responses to “Who is Doug Carroll?

  1. M. Ashworth

    Great article, but I think it would be in the public’s best interest to highlight the happenings of the last candidate’s meeting you had, where Mr. Caroll’s true colours came out.

  2. jordan

    oh.. all in good time. Thanks.

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