Who is Andrew Cash? (federal candidates)


Andrew Cash hopes for some 'Cash for Toronto.' COURTESY PHOTO

New Democrat candidate Andrew Cash wants to do better for Davenport riding, starting May 2.

He believes the Liberals haven’t been giving the area, a stronghold for the Grits, the proper attention it needs.

“The case for urban Canada is not being made in a wholesome way in Ottawa,” Cash says, “and Toronto, the biggest city in the country, the engine of the Canadian economy, the cultural heartbeat of the nation, is being ignored on many levels by our federal government and I blame that squarely on the weak representation in ridings like Davenport, on Liberal MPs over the last several years who haven’t been fighting for our city.”

The last time Davenport was represented by another party was in 1958. Cash believes times have changed, and so have the Liberals.

“Liberals in Ontario have been resting on the Trudeau legacy for too long,” the father of three young children says. “This isn’t the same party. This party is just like Stephen Harper’s. On the key issues of this election, they are almost exactly the same party – they’ll tell you they’re not, but tax cuts?

“They voted for those tax cuts, in fact Paul Martin was the one who started this regime of corporate tax cuts,” the musician by trade says. “They say now that they’re going to pause these corporate tax cuts, but not stop them.”

Cash says if he’s elected, some major changes will be implemented in the transit system, which doesn’t get federal funding. He points to the Dufferin bus as an example.

“It’s seniors hanging on to that bus screeches to a halt, we got mothers with strollers who can barely get on that thing and there’s not enough transit, there’s not enough frequency of service,” Cash says. “But in our riding, we have had cuts to service, to the Dupont bus, the Davenport bus.

“These things really affect people,” he says. “Do we want a transit system that that could be used by people because they have no choice or do we want a transit system that can actually compete with automobiles, that actually makes people with cars say, ‘Hey, I think it’s way more affordable and convenient to take public transit.”’

Besides public transit, Cash says the NDP will help fight for greater pensions and provide caregivers for seniors with more help.

“Davenport is one of the more ethnically diverse ridings in the country,” he says. “The story of Davenport is the great story of Canada. These people worked and worked, and built this city and made it the awesome place it is, and especially for those seniors, now I feel like we really owe them. We owe them a dignified life in their senior years.”

Cash, who also works as a journalist and a producer, lives in the riding. One of his children attends Ossington Old Orchard Jr. P.S., and another is slated to start next year.

“We got two parties that want to help out corporations and we got one party that wants to help out families,” he says. “I think the choice is pretty clear in this election.”


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