Davenport Election Day Wrap-up

05/03/11 – By GURPREET GHAG


It was not only a historic day for Canada, but also for Davenport as New Democrat Andrew Cash became the first non-liberal to be win the riding since PC Douglas Morton did in 1958.

Cash beat out Liberal incumbent Mario Silva who has been in power since 2004 by garnering 53.6 per cent of the riding’s 39,346 casted votes.

With Cash’s win, the NDP gained 68 seats, brining their total to a historic high of 102.

“Spring is here my friends and a new chapter begins,” party leader Jack Layton told supporters at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.”

Tonight Canadians voted to improve health care – public health care,” he said.

“My friends, these are my commitments to you and I will work every day to earn the trust that you have put in me and my team.”

Along with Silva in Davenport, the party Liberal lost 42 seats, bringing it to the lowest total in the party’s history.

Party Leader Micheal Ignatieff lost his riding of Etobicoke-Lakeshore, which has been Liberal since 1993 and told voters in Toronto, “I will play any part that the party wishes me to play as we go forward to rebuild, to renew, to reform the vital centre of Canadian politics.

I will serve as long as the party wants to make me serve or asks me to serve and not a day longer.”

The green party’s Wayne Scott came in fourth by garnering 3.4 per cent of the votes, but it was also a historic night for his party as leader Elizabeth May won her riding and gained the first ever seat for the party.

She told supporters that, “today we proved that Canadians want change in politics. We ran a very non-partisan campaign, we ran a cooperative campaign.”

Following the NDP and the Liberals, the PC’s Theresa Rodrigues took 14.4 percent of the votes, while her party gained the majority government they were looking for.

In total, the Conservatives gained 23 seats, bringing their total to 166 of the possible 308 seats, surpassing the magic number of 155.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper thanked his supports and told the country, “We have much to do if we are to promptly deliver what Canadians have voted for. That is why the business of government will resume tomorrow our first job will be to implement what we set out in our budget, our plans for jobs and growth without raising your taxes.”


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