Bailao says don’t look too much into her spending


Ana Bailao had one thing to say about topping the Office Expense Report  at $8,665.99.
“I wish the media would look at what the money is going towards,” she said.
According to the Office Expense Report on, Bailao’s office spent slightly more than $1,100 on office supplies, and more than $6,000 on printing costs on a host of things such as calendars, newsletters, business cards and cake.
Despite the criticism from the media, she said the money was needed to establish an office and keep up with her campaign promises.
“I promised to be in touch with the community and that’s what I am doing,” she said. Her community activism andself-promotion took the rookie councillor to the top of the spending list in just three months since being elected.
Still, despite budget cut last year, Bailao confidently said she would not eclipse the budget and stay under $30,000.
Last December, Mayor Rob Ford slashed the councillor budget to $30,000 from $50,445, which could be an excuse for some, however Bailao said she actually voted in favour of the cut.
“There needs to be cost containment but we need to continue serving the community and (look) at how you spend, not the headline,” she said.
Rounding out the top four spending city councillors on the list are:
Frank Di Giorgio (Ward 12, York-South Weston) —$7,305.  Di Giorgo spent over $5,000 in rent.
Ron Moeser (Ward 44, Scarborough East) — $7,061.25.  Moeser spent over $5,000 in rent.
Giorgio Mammoliti (Ward 7, York West) — $7,056.97. Mammoliti spent over $5,000 on cell phone bills.


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