All Candidates Debate

05/21/2010 – By JUSTIN MILLERSON

The Candidates await community questions. PHOTO By GURPREET GHAG

After much dramatics, on April 13, Adam Giambrone made the announcement not run for re-election in ward 18.  On his website, Giambrone bid farewell and expressed gratitude to the people of Davenport and mentioned his excitement for the future, but what exactly is the future for Ward 18?

On May 18th, candidates Ana Bailao, Kevin Beaulieu, Frank De Jong, Nha Le, Kirk Russell, Jack Triolo, Hema Vyas and Ken Wood gathered in front of many Davenport community members at the Casa Da Madeira at 1621 Dupont St. for the first all candidates debate.

Here are the candidates’ platform introductions:

A bit of tension filled the building as community members were not afraid to ask the tougher questions and voice their concerns.

Candidate Kevin Beaulieu, Giambrone’s former executive assistant, was asked pressing questions about Giambrone’s alleged lies and why after such an affair would he seek to be elected.

“I won’t be looking to the past, I’ll be looking to the future and what we can do together. I believe that  a leader does listen to the community as I will do. I do believe I am a consensus builder,” said Beaulieu.

The Idea of “complete streets” was widely talked about by many of the candidates.

Candidate Frank De Jong notes 50 percent of trips within Ward 18 are not by automobile, but there is still an enormous amount of traffic.

De Jong aims to change this.

“Why have we designed our Ward as a freeway for people that live outside the area?” asked De Jong.

“There are traffic problems out there and we need to accommodate bikes, we need to accommodate transit, we need to reorient the entire transportation structure.”

Many candidates agreed to change the transportation structure in Davenport including Ana Bailao. She believes there is a serious parking issue and adds that parking continues to be stripped away. Bailao believes this creates a larger issue.

“The reality is businesses are losing money,” said Bailao.

“I had a lady crying in front of me, she owns a bakery, mostly cakes and I’m sorry, but nobody picks up a wedding cake while walking or on a bike. This is the situation businesses are in, but I will work to revoke that.”

Candidates will continue to build their campaign in the upcoming months for the October 25 election.

For more information about the meeting you can call volunteer coordinator Jack Fava at 416-301-5367.


One response to “All Candidates Debate

  1. Thanks very much to the Bloordale Press for this blog posting, including the video of the 8 candidates speaking at the first all-candidates debate in Ward 18.

    The debate was well attended and very informative, bringing out some of the issues that Ward 18 residents care deeply about, like transit, bike lanes, people-centred development, safety, the emerging art scene, and community participation in decision-making…

    This is a very important election for Ward 18, and debates like this one will help the voters chose the person that will represent the ward after October 25.

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