MPP Candidates: Kirk Russell, Progressive Conservative Party

 PC MPP Profile: Kirk Russell
– By Gurpreet Ghag

A few weeks ago, Kirk Russell did not even have the slightest inclination to run for office. Instead, he was content with helping candidate Antonio Garcia with his campaign.

However, after some unforeseeable circumstances with Garcia, Russell was more than happy to take his place.

“It’s time for change,” said Russell, “we have had eight years of Dalton McGuinty, tax increases, secret deals, and it’s time we put an end to that.”

Russell, in accordance with Tim Hudak’s ‘changebook’ and what he learned from his candidacy for councillor of ward 18, said there are several ways that he and the PC party can make Ontario and Davenport a more livable and desirable place to live for middle class families and small businesses.

“We knocked on a lot of doors during the municipal election,” said Russell, “and there was this elderly lady that came to me at the door and she had her hydro bill and her tax bill in her hand and she asked me ‘what could I do?’”

Russell said that he did some research and then saw that Hudak’s policies could help people like her.

“What we’re going to offer is removing the HST from your hydro bills, taking off the debt retirement charge, income sharing in families, a 5% reduction in your income tax for people making up to $70 thousand,” he said.

As for small businesses, Russell said that the PC party offers a bill of rights that consists of something they like to call ‘red-tape-reduction.’

This process as well as a reduction in small business taxes to ten per cent will make it easier for people to start and maintain a small business.

“Small businesses drive our economy,” said Russell, who stated he learned a great deal through starting his own business a few years after arriving in Canada in 1997.

Russell added that he thoroughly disapproved of the Liberal’s plan to give small businesses who invest in foreign workers a $10,000 tax credit. He said it would make far more sense to help the people who are already in the province.

The last part of his platform involves health care and Hudak’s promise to put $6.1 billion into health care with the goal of reducing emergency wait times and getting patients in and out of hospitals as quickly as possible.

“We want to put patients at the centre of health care; first and foremost and have people spending less time in waiting rooms.”

Russell encourages anyone not familiar with the ‘changebook’ to check it out at http:///, or at the PC party site at


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