MPP Candidates: Jonah Schein, NDP

NDP MPP Profle: Jonah Schein
– By Justin Millerson

Born and raised in west-end Toronto, Jonah Schein, NDP candidate for Davenport, is taking his first crack at running for office on October 6.

Schein, who worked closely on Davenport NDP MP Andrew Cash’s campaign, points at affordability as the main problem facing Davenport and points toward the city’s unfair taxes as the cause.

“We need a fair method of taxation and the province has to play a role in that,” said Schein. “The city has to make sure we have revenue for the city.”

The fair method, according to Schein and the NDP, is to stop the corporate tax giveaways and start reducing taxes for the people, which is the exact opposite of what has happened through the current McGuinty and previous Harris governments.

The HST tax, introduced by the McGuinty government in 2010, is a prime example of the unfair taxation that has squandered public dollars, said Schein .

“Income tax is a fair way; the amount is dependent on the amount of money made. HST on the other hand, everyone pays the same amount no matter how much they make, it’s not fair,” he said.

If elected, Schein said he will cast his vote in support of cutting the HST tax on Hydro and home heating. The NDP also plan to start the process to remove gasoline taxes.

While public taxes have risen, corporate tax rates have steadily fallen, down 3.5 percent since 2008.

“So there is more revenue generated on people’s home essentials from the HST, while the biggest corporations and the biggest banks are not paying,” said Schein.

Another piece of Schein’s platform includes investing in small businesses and making sure local jobs are first priority.

“In terms of the economy we need to invest right here in Ontario and make sure small businesses are supported and give them advantages.”

He added resources should not be taken out of Ontario to create jobs somewhere else and that we need to preserve our resources and buy Ontario product, something he said the Liberals have failed to do.

One example, Schein said, was how the Liberals chose to outsource the over 400 trains that will soon run from Union Station to Pearson Airport.

“One of the absurd things about the diesel train that is going in here is why we aren’t investing in a local company like Bombardier,” said Schein who is displeased with the project all together.

“The train doesn’t serve Davenport, it cuts right through,” he said.

On the subject of transit, Schein also said that the NDP would restore the old transit model, where half of the operating costs for municipalities were covered by the province. This will apply to all municipalities across the province and subject to the condition that the municipalities do not increase fares.

More information about Schein’s Platform can be found at or at the Ontario NDP site at


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