MPP Candidates: Frank de Jong, Green Party

Green MPP Profile: Frank de Jong
– By Matthew Lopoes

Representing the Green Party of Ontario, Frank de Jong has built a political platform aimed at tackling many prominent issues in Davenport, including everything from Catholic funding Education to strip clubs in the Bloordale village, traffic flow, and environmental accountability to name a few.

Having lived in Davenport for nearly 15 years, and having run for Ward 18 councillor in last year’s municipal election de Jong said he has watched the community grow into what it is today and currently works as a public school teacher in the neighbouring ward.

“I think one of the biggest issues is Catholic funding education,” said de Jong, “the provincial government continues to fund two education systems when there should be just one.”
De Jong said that with no other religious education funded by the province, Catholic schools should not be funded either, he also added that by stopping catholic funding, students and taxpayers would see the benefits.

“It would be a great advantage to the citizens of Davenport because kids could travel much shorter distances to get to school, plus it would be fewer taxes to pay for the taxpayers,” said de Jong.
De Jong said he is an avid supporter of local businesses by shopping at Dufferin Grove Organic Market fixing his bike at the bike shops around town, and eating at local restaurants, but two businesses he wants to see out of Davenport are Bloor street strip clubs, The house of Lancaster and Club Paradise.

“We don’t want our daughters and our children seeing this kind of thing, why is it in Davenport, and why are none of these strip clubs in the Bloor West Village or in the Annex?” said de Jong, “it’s a huge embarrassment, it objectifies women and it has no place in our community.”

De Jong said the strip clubs are a sleeper issue because people do not realize that their community is being sacrificed.

The owner of The House of Lancaster Gentleman’s club, Spiro Koumoudouros is also Chairman of the Bloordale BIA. De Jong said Koumoudouros would be considered a hero in the community if he turned his business into something community oriented.

“I suspect Lancaster would be a much more profitable space for Spiro if it was welcoming to people from the neighbourhood and if it was a different kind of business that is up and above the board instead of shady. I think the whole community would consider him a hero if he turned it into a community oriented type of building,” said de Jong.

Shutting down strip clubs and relocating funding for education can be a long process if elected but de Jong said one of the first things that needs to be done is add bike lanes on Bloor and slow down the traffic in the riding’s major streets.

“Streets like Bloor, College and Dundas are like freeways with people from outside of our community screaming through twice a day, and that’s wrong, this is our community,” said de Jong, “we should have ‘walkability’ so our kids and seniors can be safe crossing the streets.”

De Jong also takes a strong stand on banning handguns, creating a self-sustaining infrastructure, and having land value taxation in the city of Toronto. More on his political platform can be seen on his website at


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