iBroadcast Launches Out Of Bloordale

March 2012 – By Gurpreet Ghag

iBroadcast.tv from Left to Right: Tammy Manor, Lorin Halpert, Alex Adams and Sam Rahimi. Photo By Gurpreet Ghag

Nestled up in a shared office at 231 Wallace Ave., a small group of innovators hopes their new online broadcasting application will be the biggest thing in online video since YouTube.

Sam Rahimi, the application’s founder, believes his broadcasting site ibroadcast.tv takes the online social and video watching experiences to the next level.

“It goes beyond sharing content to interacting with your friends from real life to the next step of actually making new friends in a virtual world environment and sharing experiences through the broadcast,” Rahimi said.

About a year ago, Rahimi said he was listening to his friend complain about being quite annoyed about the playlist functionality on YouTube and listeners couldn’t just sit back and enjoy a continuous stream of music.

He also said Mark Zuckerberg’s launch of Timeline on Facebook inspired the idea to link sharing personal experiences in an online environment.

By logging into his site through Facebook, you are informed whenever your contacts are online and what they are currently watching, so you can meet them virtually, watch the same video in real time and chat. Alternatively, you can put together your own broadcast where your friends and others can tune in.

Currently, Rahimi and his team are working on a live feature that will allow users to use and live stream from sites like justin.tv or ustream.tv as part of their own broadcasts as well as launching their own live streaming service that will enable users to broadcast themselves from their webcams.

“The other focus is making ibroadcast a place where you can discover great content really easily and the only place you go for entertainment,” he said.

The site is currently growing at an enormous speed, with the number of users multiplying five-fold so far this year.


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