The Jetset Motel

07/28/10 – By ALLIE HUNWICKS

The Jetset Motel will be playing at 3Speed November 23 & 30 before going on tour to promote their self-titled album. PHOTO By ALLIE HUNWICKS.

After performing at some of the city’s most iconic venues, alternative-country band Jetset Motel are back at 3 Speed to showcase tracks off of their self titled album.

“We’ve had some really great shows here. We love playing the 3Speed. And we sort of feel like we were getting together a new sound the last time we were here; stripping things down a bit more and playing with the dynamics,” said Jimmy Rose, guitarist, “The vibe here has been really great for us.”

Jetset combines first-rate song writing with spot on execution, which helps to create the venue’s intimate feel. The quartet, made up of David Picco(vocals),  Jimmy Rose (guitar), Sheldon Kelly(bass) and Reade Ollivier (drums) produces the kind of classic alt-country rock songs that hearken to Blue Rodeo, Neil Young, or Wilco.

“It’s taken us a while to find where we fit in,” said Picco, “but we just like really good songs.”

That particular brand of excellent song writing has landed the band on CBC Radio, as well as being featured on television shows such as Republic of Doyle.  Picco’s work has also been featured on the Gemini -winning CMT show, Three Chords from the Truth.

“I remember the first day that we brought in one of the episodes that we were really happy with to the network, and the reason that it got approved was because Dave’s song was featured in this really beautiful scene, and his song played out in the end, and that was sort of the kicker where the network went I understand the show,” said Steve Cochrane, creator and actor of Three Chords from the Truth.

“It was a total comedy, but we always wanted to bring it into something human and beautiful, and all we had to do to bring it down to something real and something human was to put on a song from Dave and it just brought the right tone in,” said Adriana Maggs who also created and wrote Three Chords, and whose current film, Grown Up Movie Star, screened at Sundance earlier this year.

The band is hoping to produce a follow up to their self-titled album later this year as well as continuing to tour for the Jetset Motel album.

“Right now we’re working on a new batch of songs and hoping to get into the studio in the New Year and get something together pretty quickly. And hopefully have a new album and get on the road by next summer,” said Rose.

For now, fans can enjoy the band while they’re still in Toronto and performing at 3 Speed.

“The heart is so good. The heart just pours out of it, there’s so much emotion in the music that it hits people,” said Cochrane.


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