Mercer Union in April

04/13/11 By Rebecca Sadler

Robert Hengevald's exhibition is featured in the front of Mercer this month. COURTESY PHOTO

Contemporary art gallery Mercer Union (1286 Bloor St. W.) is currently showing two exhibitions running until the end of April.

The first gallery,located in the front end is called ‘Natural Revision’ by artist Robert Hengeveld.

Gallery director Sarah Robayo Sheridan says, “It’s using a lot of synthetic materials that mimics nature, so AstroTurf, animal decoys and he’s constructed a whole artificial waterfall.”

The second exhibition is an installation by Swiss artist Roman Signer and is being shown in the back of the gallery.

“What we have is a piece of his called Cinema and it’s an installation that consists of a projection element,” Robayo Sheridan says.

“The projection comprises a 40-minute loop of what might be termed ‘ leftover’ films—short Super 8 segments of actions that he shot in the landscape where he lives and works in Switzerland.”

“They’re a little looser than his other finished works, more like tests, trials or outtakes,” she says. “The segments sample from older Super 8 footage which he transferred to video and edited together as a collection in 2010.”

There is another interesting aspect to Signer’s Cinema.

“The footage is presented in a screening room furnished with wooden chairs that are reminiscent of a small underground or art cinema. One chair in the back row enjoys of a life of its own, slowly rocking back and forth with the aid of string and a motor. This chair may be seen to stand in for the restless viewer,” she explains.

Currently, the Gallery is also looking forward to its fundraiser auction on May 12, called Stellar Living. The money is being raised for the Gallery’s programs for next year.

Mercer Union Gallery is open Tuesdays to Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

For more information you can visit their website ( or simply drop by.


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