A Night at Duffy’s

04/18/2010.By MARK BOWMAN

Duffy's Tavern. PHOTO BY Gurpreet Ghag

The Revolutions play to nearly a packed house.

The patrons drink and sing along.

It’s just another night at 1238 Bloor Street West, better known to people around Toronto as Duffy’s Tavern.

Considered one of the better live music/neighbourhood pubs in all of Ontario, the tavern was built in 1949 and recently held its own 60th birthday bash.

The new owner of the place, James Rogers, said that the tavern had just undergone a major overhaul to gain whet he calls a cleaner look.

“We don’t want to erase our past, not all actually. Ideally we will combine the old with the new,” Rogers said.

Rogers makes it clear that this is a place that should feel like home.

“We don’t want to be cheesy and be like this is a home for us all but, in a way it can be if you embrace it,” he said.

Rogers said that he is thankful that so far the customers, some of which have been coming there for over twenty years have given their approvals of the new designs.

One of those customers was Shayne O’Sullivan.

O’Sullivan explained how the new owner, along with the new designs, have provided a better experience.

“I personally wasn’t happy with the music they were booking,” O’Sullivan said, “These new owners are booking music that is something a little different every night. When I was here earlier this week we had an R and B band, tonight we have a punk-rock band and just last week we had ‘No Assembly Required’- a really heavy band that had some people banging their heads. I mean that in a positive way, of course.”

Duffy’s spot in Bloordale is at 1238 Bloor Street West on the North-East corner of Marguretta St. For more information you can call the Tavern at (416)628-0330.


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